In 1995, Signalcard developed the SLG 4024 card reader/writer with the first operational aplication being available to the arcade and electronic entertainment market. Using the inductive card in replacement of metal tokens, it allowed the owner or operator to control the sales and operations using a PC type computer.


The great advantage of this system is that it reduces costs by increasing the control over sales/usage, avoiding income evasion, a problem that haunts token-controlled operators. It also has great advantages over magnetic and bar code systems, that can be easilly coppied and fraudded using Radio Shack available equipment. The system cost is also low compared to other types of electronic control systems.


The cards can have between 1 and 10 credits. Each operator has its own code which is unique to his apllication. Each card reader can be individually programmed to consume a certain number of credits before becoming available wihtout the need for any mechanical modification.



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Cartões Indutivos e Sistema de Automação, Controle de Acesso e Vending Machines

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