For the public transportation market, Signalcard developed a cheap, simple and effective access control system. This particular card reader has a reel-in unit that collects the card once it has been fully used. This system simplyfies the operations structure thus offering a highly versatile and trustworthy equippment. This new product combines all the qualities from the SLG4024 with a communications interface that connects to a monitoring software run by the operator. Using the inductive card as a ticket with 1 up to 10 credis each, the ticket can be programmed to operate only on specific routes and/or stations, all according to the operators demand.


SLG 4024


The picture above shows the full assembly of the SLG 4024, the mechanical reel-in system, the communication interface and front adapter. This assembly is intended to be installed in electromechanically activated turnstyles, on which vault the tickets remain after being collected. Each reader has a 4-side keylock, which allows for easy access to the vault as well as easing the removal for maintnance.

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