Signalcard has developed for the market the best solution for pre paid vending machines. Our card reader/writer SLG4024 combines easy instalation, low investment and, most important, increased safety on operations. The systems uses inductive cards as means of sales control. The SLG 4024 is extremely versatile, being available in versions for the main types of coffee machines such as:


  • Rhea/Lioness
  • Sprint
  • Venezia
  • Colibri
  • Snack Machines
  • Saeco 7P e 10P


The reader/writer operates with 2 types of credits ( lower price/higher price ). For each type, there is a diferent card. The card can be supllied with 1,4,6 or 10 credits. The cards have a unique code for each company, thus disabling the use of other company’s card in the respective machine. The system also has a supervisor card, that can be used to collect consuption data from each machine. Tha cards have a standard type print ( Cash Card ) with the number of credits printed.




The picture above shows a SLG4024 in a setup for a Rhea - Lioness Coffee Machine Measurements are 125x90mm for the reader PCI and 30x180mm for the installation panel. The picture below shows a standard 4024 card printing, as used by many Vending Machines all over Brasil.

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Cartões Indutivos e Sistema de Automação, Controle de Acesso e Vending Machines

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